Dodge has enough parts left over to build a few more examples of the Viper.

Collectors and enthusiasts who missed the opportunity to buy one of the very last examples of the Dodge Viper ever built are in luck. The Fiat-owned brand has announced it will briefly re-open the order books before the end of the year.

Up until recently, the Viper belonged to the past. It was sent off a few months ago with a series of limited-edition models (pictured) that were spoken for in a short amount of time. Some went to collectors, but a dealer in North Carolina bought the last 135 cars to roll out of the Conner Avenue factory. That figure represents 99 percent of the final production run.

A company spokesman told Motor Authority that Dodge can fire up the production line one final time because it has more Viper parts left over than it thought it would. The news asks more questions than it answers; notably, we don't know whether the parts are for the standard Viper or for the hardcore, track-ready ACR model.

Dodge hasn't revealed precisely when it will begin taking orders for the Viper, and it hasn't released pricing information. Regardless, our advice to collectors hoping to snatch up one of the last examples is to get in line as fast as possible.