Viper production will end on August 31st.

You're out of luck if you want to custom-order a Dodge Viper.

FCA design boss Ralph Gilles told Automotive News reporter Richard Truett that the last examples of the V10-powered sports car have been spoken for. This is the second time the current-generation Viper has sold out; Dodge re-opened the order books late last year when it realized it had enough parts left over to build a few additional cars.

The company has numerous orders to fill, so production of the Viper will continue at the Conner Avenue plant until August 31 of this year, according to Motor Trend. What will happen to the factory after that is up in the air, because the Viper won't spawn a direct successor.

In recent years, FCA boss Sergio Marchionne has regularly lamented the Viper is expensive to build because it doesn't share any major components with other members of the Dodge lineup. To complicate the matter, sales have collapsed in spite of a huge price drop and the launch of limited-edition models.

Marchionne hasn't ruled out resurrecting the Viper nameplate in the coming years; it's one of Dodge's most emblematic cars, even outside of the United States. However, he hinted a born-again model would ride on an existing platform in order to keep costs in check, and it most likely won't get a naturally-aspirated V10 engine for the same reason.