Dynacorn's body will be made from slightly thicker sheetmetal than the original.

An American company called Dynacorn has announced that it will start selling reproduction first-gen Ford Bronco bodies as soon as it obtains the Blue Oval's certification.

Launched in 1966 to compete against the International Scout, the first-gen Bronco received many minor updates inside and out during its eleven-year long production run. Dynacorn has chosen to mix and match the most popular features from different years, such as fender aprons that allow the installation of power steering components.

Slated to be built in Taiwan by Muscle Car GT, Dynacorn's Bronco body will be made from slightly thicker sheetmetal than the original and it will be treated with the latest rust-proofing methods.

The body will be sold with removable hard top but it will not come with fenders, doors, a hood, or any trim pieces. It will be up to the buyer to source all of the parts necessary to make a complete car.

Dynacorn's body is currently being looked over by Ford to make sure that original Bronco parts can bolt on to it without any major issues, a process which can reportedly take up to a year. Pricing information will be released once the body has received Ford's proverbial nod of approval.

Photos courtesy of Hemmings Daily.