Last month, Automobile magazine reported it managed to record 275 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque at the wheels in a dynamometer test of BMW's new 335i coupe. Based on these impressive wheel-horsepower numbers, the magazine reckoned the Bimmer makes close to 350 horsepower at the crank, rather than BMW's official 300 hp figure. Following the publication of this data, many skeptics question the accuracy of the dynamometer readings. Now, the magazine reports retesting the 335i with surprising results. After a number of consistent peaks at 285 horsepower at the wheels, the testers managed to record an impressive 287 horsepower. Amazingly, the car even managed to peak briefly at 299.93 wheel horsepower after shifting to fourth. The magazine insists it wasn't additional torque from a rough shift, but rather momentary turbo spike afforded by the computer. So far, no one has attempted to measure power at the crank, but we suspect Automobile is correct when they say it would be a great deal more than the advertised 300 horsepower.