The previous record of 1,014 miles was set in 2011 by a purpose-built single-seat prototype.

Electric bus maker Proterra has reportedly set a new world record for EV range, driving for an impressive 1,101 miles before requiring a recharge.

The company took a modified bus to the Navistar Proving Grounds in Indiana, where it could cruise uninterrupted on a banked track. The run beat a previous record of 1,014 miles, set in 2011 by a single-seat experimental vehicle built by an academic team in Germany.

Proterra has already shipped electric buses to customers, albeit with shorter range. The company teamed with LG Chem to equip the record-setting bus with extra batteries for the 1,101-mile run.

The company has not mentioned how far the experimental bus could drive on a single charge in real-world conditions. The test run was presumably completed at a specific speed to maximize efficiency, perhaps with a deeper battery drain than a typical production EV.

The achievement highlights the ongoing improvements in electric powertrains beyond consumer vehicles. Other startups and established automakers are currently working on electric buses, light-duty delivery trucks and heavy-duty semi trucks.