Matthias Mueller suggests funds used for diesel subsidies could be more 'meaningfully' invested in supporting EVs.

Demonstrating Volkswagen's complete commitment to electric vehicles, chief executive Matthias Mueller has publicly criticized tax incentives for diesel vehicles.

Speaking to German news outlet Handelsblatt, Mueller argued that it is time to begin moving away from subsidies that for many years helped Volkswagen Group boost sales of 'Clean Diesel' powertrains.

"If the transition to environmentally friendly electric cars is to succeed, diesel combustion engines cannot be subsidized like before," he said, as translated by Quartz. "The money could be more meaningfully invested in the promotion of environmentally friendly drive technologies."

Mueller has helped transform VW Group in the wake of the diesel emissions scandal, which collapsed the 'clean' image and cost tens of billions of dollars. The company consequently pivoted to electric vehicles, promising to take a lead role the shift toward battery power.

Germany's annual tax incentives amount to $9 billion, a significant fund if applied to electric vehicles.