Prolonged exposure to loud cars can reportedly disrupt the proper functioning of organs.

The European Union's Environment Committee has voted to update the current legislation on vehicle noise limits in order to pave the way for quieter cars.

The Committee is in the early stages of debating the matter so how much of a drop in the legal noise limit it will push for is not known. If the bill is approved, it will lead to the creation of an organization similar to the EuroNCAP that will test all new cars and rate them based on how much noise they emit.

Members of the Committee have also approved a bill that requires automakers to put a label on each new car to indicate how loud it is. The proposed sticker is modeled after the CO2 labels that are currently found on new cars and most household appliances in Europe.

Both bills will have go to through the European Parliament next year. If approved, they will each come into effect in at least six years.

The Parliament has not released an official statement on the matter but it has recognized that prolonged exposure to high levels of traffic noise can disrupt proper functioning of organs, exhaust physical reserves and lead to the development of cardiovascular and other diseases.

"I am convinced that the legislation will help to protect health of E.U. citizens against the negative effects of motor vehicle noise," said rapporteur Miroslav Ouzk√Ĺ.