Former VW CEO Martin Winterkorn says he wasn't in-the-know about Dieselgate.

Former Volkswagen Chief Executive Officer Martin Winterkorn denied on Thursday in front of a German parliamentary inquiry that he had any advanced knowledge of a cheating device used on the company's diesel-powered vehicles.Facing allegations that he was aware of VW's diesel cheat device as early as 2014, Winterkorn told lawmakers that was "not the case." Winterkorn said was not aware of the issue until September 2015 when the scandal broke.

However, some of Winterkorn's comments seemed to indicate he at least had an inclining that VW was fudging the numbers to make its diesels legal.

"It is not comprehensible why I was not informed early and clearly about the measurement problems," he said, according to The Detroit News. "Of course I ask myself if I missed signals or misread them."

Winterkorn declined to elaborate of those missed signals, citing the ongoing investigation.

German officials believe Winterkorn might be holding back on telling the whole truth.

"This paints either a picture of a boss who didn't know what was going on in his company or, alternatively, Prof. Winterkorn isn't presenting things as they really were and is downplaying his role in this whole emissions scandal," panel member Oliver Krischer said.