The company is said to be on shaky ground ahead of its important unveiling event at CES.

Faraday Future has reportedly lost several top executives as its financial situation allegedly continues to deteriorate.

The departures include chief brand and commercial officer Marco Mattiacci and product marketing VP Joerg Sommer, according to The Verge. Both executive bios have been removed from the company's website.

Mattiacci was hired seven months ago after serving as CEO of Ferrari's North America and Asia Pacific operations and team principal of the Scuderia Ferrari F1 racing team. Sommer, another industry veteran who held executive positions at Volkswagen and Daimler, left after just three months.

Sources told The Verge the executives were both 'highly compensated' and may have been ousted for financial reasons.

Faraday Future's apparent money problems appear to be an open secret. The company's Chinese billionaire founder, Jia Yueting, recently warned of financial difficulties, while FF has allegedly fallen behind paying suppliers and contractors for its $1 billion factory in Nevada.

The company is just weeks away from the expected unveiling of its production EV at CES in Las Vegas.