A government official suggests the revised floor plan has been reduced to just 650,000 square feet, less than a quarter of the planned layout.

Faraday Future has reportedly downsized its planned factory footprint, initially focusing on a small portion of the original floor plan.

"It's a 650,000-square foot mini-plant that's going to be complete about August, end of August," North Las Vegas city manager Dr. Qiong Liu told local broadcaster 8 News NOW.

The company originally planned to build a three-million-square-foot facility worth $1 billion. Construction was reportedly interrupted last year due to a late payment to the lead contractor. Later reports corroborated speculation that FF was running out of money, raising doubts over the company's ability to complete its massive assembly facility.

State officials plan to move ahead with subsidized infrastructure buildout at the site, despite concerns that millions of taxpayer dollars will be wasted if Faraday Future collapses financially.

"We're not really hedging bets, we're looking for a method to put the infrastructure in at Apex, because it's critical for more than just Faraday, in the event that Faraday doesn't move forward," said Nevada director of economic development Steve Hill.

FF has not announced a specific schedule for bringing the FF91 crossover to market.