Speaking to analysts, chief executive Sergio Marchionne suggested FCA's prized SUV brand is on track for a nearly five-fold increase in annual sales.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles apparently has great expectations for its prized Jeep brand, expecting sales to skyrocket in coming years.

Speaking to analysts, chief executive Sergio Marchionne said the SUV marque is expected to jump by 30 percent to two million vehicles next year and keep rising to seven million units, according to quotes published by Bloomberg.

Putting the forecast into perspective, seven million units from Jeep alone would put FCA into direct competition with current global leaders. Volkswagen and Toyota each sold just north of 10 million units last year, combining sales from all of their respective brands.

The persistent increase in demand for crossovers and SUVs has certainly been good to Jeep. Marchionne's forecast may be received with a bit of skepticism, however, as the executive continues his unrelenting quest to attract a merger partner.

The latest round of buyout rumors has focused on alleged interest from Chinese automakers, though most of the largest players have denied any involvement in talks. China's Great Wall Motors recently said it intended to buy just the Jeep brand, however the company later clarified that it had not actually made contact with FCA's board to seriously discuss the proposal.

Later rumors claimed FCA is considering spinning off Maserati and Alfa Romeo or parts businesses. Some analysts have predicted that FCA will be more likely to split off low-volume brands rather than selling its prized possession.