Moisture intrusion can damage the power liftgate controls, causing a short circuit.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles appears to have encountered more trouble with vehicle fires, leading to a recall for the 2014-2015 Jeep Cherokee.After investigating a Cherokee fire, the company determined that power liftgate controls in certain vehicles may be prone to water intrusion.

"This may cause a short-circuit, creating a fire hazard," FCA said in a statement. "However, the Company is unaware of any related injuries or accidents."

The issue can be resolved via installation of a shield around the control module, though service technicians will inspect and replace any modules that have already been exposed to water. In the meantime, Cherokees equipped with power liftgates should be "kept dry."

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is also investigating the Cherokee after receiving a report of a catastrophic engine-compartment fire that destroyed a vehicle in California.

Several other Jeep fire issues have also received attention in the past few months, including the fuel-tank fiasco that led to a $150 million lawsuit judgement against the company. A separate recall campaign to fix newer Grand Cherokees has also come under scrutiny after owners continued reporting fires in vehicles that had already been fixed.