The company's Windsor, Ontario assembly plant will continue to build the minivan, but not for the US market, according to union officials.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is reportedly preparing to halt Dodge Grand Caravan output for US dealers in August to avoid bringing the vehicle into compliance with new safety regulations.

Union officials suggest production at the Grand Caravan's Windsor, Ontario assembly plant will continue past August, but only for markets outside the US.

A former engineer involved in Grand Caravan development told Automotive News the current-generation minivan is not compliant with new laws designed to prevent occupant ejection.

"FMVSS 226 establishes requirements for ejection mitigation systems to reduce the likelihood of complete and partial ejections of vehicle occupants through side window during rollovers or side impact events," the Department of Transportation wrote in a 2011 memo.

The regulations also outline new testing procedures to validate new performance standards for rollover-activated side curtain airbags.

The output interruption to US dealers should be resolved in December when FCA kicks off production of the 2018 Grand Caravan.