An unconfirmed report claims the entry-level Jeep will not be sold in North America.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is reportedly working on a new Jeep model, according to Automotive News.

Slotting below the Renegade, the rumored model is said to be geared for global markets dominated by mini vehicles. It is consequently not expected to be offered in North America.

The AN report follows nearly a year after Jeep head Mike Manley suggested a sub-Renegade model would represent a "viable segment" for the brand in the future.

Separate rumors have pointed to a Fiat Panda-like model or an entirely new crossover developed by Jeep's Indian division under the internal code-name '526.' Whatever form it takes, Manley promised the tiniest Jeep will carry forward the brand's off-road prowess.

For US buyers, Jeep is said to be working on a refreshed Renegade that could be ready in a year.