The NHTSA does not view unexpected automatic braking as a safety threat.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has closed its investigation into complaints of Toyota Sequoia stability control problems.

The agency had identified nearly 1,000 complaints and incident reports alleging improper activation of the stability control system. Many drivers claim to have experienced unexpected automatic braking of one wheel, causing the steering to pull to one side.

"Yaw rate sensor malfunctions resulting in VSC [vehicle stability control] brake applications is accompanied by a brief duration of longitudinal deceleration with minimal changes in vehicle speed and will not result in abrupt lane change or loss of vehicle control due to steering controllability," the NHTSA concluded.

Investigators opened the inquiry in June, evaluating the design of the Sequoia's yaw-rate sensor and performing failure analysis on components pulled from the field. The agency also tested vehicles and instrumentation to replicate the problem and review system performance during failures.

A recall would have affected around 135,000 vehicles sold in the US market.