The Enzo is being held by Interpol as evidence in a criminal case.

Earlier this week there were reports published by media outlets all around the globe that claimed a Ferrari Enzo impounded by Dubai's police department would be sold off at an auction in the not-so-distant future.

The news led many interested parties from countries such as Russia, India, China and the United States to call the Dubai police in order to offer to buy the dusty sports car before it was scheduled to go under the hammer.

A Dubai-based newspaper has announced that the car will not be auctioned off after all. According to Dubai police, the Enzo is linked to a criminal affair and it is being held in the impound lot as evidence.

"The Ferrari Enzo and another more common Ferrari model are needed as evidence by Interpol. Overall, nine of the cars in the impound lot are not for sale," said Captain Khalid Al Kamali of the Dubai police.

Aside from the two Ferraris, the other stolen cars include two Porsches, a Chevrolet Corvette, a BMW and three Mercedes-Benzes.

What the future holds for the Enzo is up in the air. The Dubai police explained that when cars are seized by Interpol they can only be sold if the car's legal owner, Interpol, and the Interior Ministry of the United Arab Emirates all agree on the terms of the sale. In this case, the legal owner is believed to be a British man who is no longer living in the United Arab Emirates.

No word was spoken about when the Enzo will be released, but it is a safe bet that the car will spend many more months under the Dubai sun.

Photo taken by Emirates 24|7.