Ferrari is expecting a record-setting 2012.

Despite a rocky global economy, a top Ferrari official expects the company to set new records for sales and profits in 2012. Ferrari set company records in both categories last year.

Ferrari has recently seen a slowdown in European deliveries and the outlook in North America and China looks a bit uncertain, but company Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo believed the Italian automaker is on track for another record-setting year.

"From the latest data I've seen, we are on track to make this year another record year," Montezemolo told Automotive News Europe.

Through the first half of the year Ferrari's sales were up 7 percent to 3,664 units. The automaker's operating profit rose 13 percent to 152 million euros during the same period.

Ferrari set company records in 2011 with sales of 7,195 cars and an operating profit of 321 million euros.

Ferrari's sales and profit figures could rise even more during late 2012 and early 2013. Ferrari will launch its all-new F12 Berlinetta in Europe next month followed by a U.S. rollout in March 2013.