"The California has the hardest time of seeing itself as a full-blown Ferrari," says Marchionne.

Ferrari has big changes in store for the next generation of the California T, its entry-level model.The news comes straight from company boss Sergio Marchionne. He explained the California T was a good idea on paper, but it wasn't very well executed and a recent facelift hasn't done much to help.

"The car I've had the most difficulty is the California. I bought two of them — I bought the first one and I liked the car very much but it's the one car that, from an identity standpoint, has the hardest time of seeing itself as a full-blown Ferrari," he explained during a press conference at the Geneva Auto Show.

Marchionne is most likely referring to the fact that the California T was initially designed as a Maserati, and given to Ferrari late in the development process when bean-counters realized it would be too expensive to sell profitably. He stopped short of revealing what he'd like to change about the convertible.

Some sources have speculated the California T won't be replaced, meaning the 488 GTB would become Ferrari's entry-level model. However, its future seems relatively safe because Marchionne told Australian website Motoring that there's space in the company's lineup for a California T-style vehicle.

The original California entered production in 2008, and it received a mid-cycle update in 2014. We expect a brand-new model will break cover before the end of the decade.