Ferrari will launch its first-ever hybrid sometime next year.

Ferrari will launch its first-ever hybrid-powered road car next year. The Italian automaker says its hybrid technology will debut in its Enzo-replacing super car, which is due out in 2013.

"We are entering the market with our Formula One-derived hybrid system, which will slash fuel consumption and increase performance," Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa told Automotive News Europe.

Ferrari says its hybrid system, known as "HY-KERS", has reduced fuel consumption by 40 percent in testing and has also improved vehicle acceleration. Ferrari says a HY-KERS equipped car is about 3 seconds faster to 200kph than a gas-only car.

The hybrid system will add about 265 pounds to the vehicle's weight, but Ferrari will combat that through the extensive use of carbon fiber. Felisa noted that the Enzo successor will use Formula One grade carbon fiber, which is lighter and stronger than the carbon material used in the construction of the original Enzo.

Samsung Electronics will provide the lithium-ion batteries for the hybrid, but Ferrari will construct the battery packs at its F1 racing headquarters in Fiorano, Italy.