The accident reportedly caused at least eight injuries and the driver may have been unlicensed.

A Fiat test-drive accident has reportedly injured eight pedestrians outside the Los Angeles Auto Show.A 24-year-old show attendee is said to have lost control of a 500e, jumping a curb and smashing into a concrete planter. The injuries were reportedly caused by pieces of flying concrete shrapnel.

"It seemed to me, I guess the guy wanted to show off a little bit, and instead of hitting the brake he hit the gas," a witness told NBC4.

A Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson told the LA Times that the driver may have been unlicensed. Factory test-drive participants are typically required to to show a valid driver license before getting behind the wheel, though such provisions would not be able to determine if an individual's driving privileges had been revoked since the physical identification card had been printed.

Six people including the driver were reportedly taken to local hospitals. None of the injuries are said to have been severe.