Buy or lease a Fiat 500e and you'll get access to a free rental car for 12 days a year.

In an effort to address "range anxiety," Fiat's new 500e EV will include access to a second car when it hits the market in California this summer.

The Italian automaker says that it will include free access to a rental car from Enterprise for a dozen days a year for the first three years of ownership as part of its ePass program.

Fiat's program isn't unlike that offered or announced by Nissan and BMW for owners of their electric-powered cars. In concept, the programs are all designed to alleviate consumer concerns that EVs won't allow them to do everything they want because of their limited range.

"We know we've got a great car," Fiat's North American brand chief, Tom Kuniskis, told Automotive News. "But I still can't get a guy to New York to visit his grandma for Easter."

Kuniskis said that Fiat is positioning the 500 as a "viable alternative to the current 500," which means that drivers need to be able to count on having a vehicle for longer trips as well.

The 500e will be rated at an 87 mile range when it hits the market this summer initially in California.

For now, the program will be offered at all 25 California dealerships where the EV will be sold. Enterprise also owns the Alamo and National brands, which helps expand the program's reach to more rental car outlets across the country.