Fiat is planning to introduce a new car every year in China - and it could begin exporting Chinese-assembled vehicles to Europe.

Fiat says it will step up its efforts in China over the next couple of years by unveiling a new product for the world's largest market every year. To keep up with demand, the Italian automaker plans to double its production capacity.

Imported cars are subjected to hefty tariffs in China, so foreign automakers like Fiat must produce vehicles locally if they want to remain competitive. To that end, Fiat says that it will build more than 300,000 cars annually beginning in 2014, a figure about double its current Chinese market capacity.

Its newest player will be the four-door Viaggo sedan, essentially a lightly rebadged version of the North American-market Dodge Dart (which in turn is based on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta's architecture).

Fiat's Chinese market general manager, Jack Cheng, said that a two-door coupe version of the Viaggio is on the way and it could be imported to Western Europe.