Fully functional, the super-Panda rides on a Jeep CJ7 platform.

Fiat's partnership with Chrysler has spawned vehicles such as the Fiat Freemont, the Lancia Thema and the Dodge Dart, but the two companies' latest offspring is a little unexpected: Fiat has bolted a Panda 4x4 body onto a Jeep CJ-7 frame to create what is undoubtedly the world's first Panda monster truck.

The one-off super-Panda was built in a little over two weeks by Fiat engineers and a handful of other companies from both the tuning world and the cinema industry. It is fitted with tractor rims mounted on High Speed tires which measure 60 inches in diameter and almost 20 inches wide.

The modifications increase the four-wheel drive city car's total height from a scant 62 inches to 153 inches, and its width from 65 to 98 inches. Surprisingly, the car's overall length of 144 inches stays the same.

Fully functional, the Panda-based monster truck is powered by a carbureted 4.2-liter straight-six engine borrowed from the CJ7. Fiat says that the most delicate part of the project was linking the two cars' steering mechanisms and brake systems.

Although it might seem like the perfect solution to the unfathomable traffic jams that routinely plague a majority of big European cities, the Panda monster truck was built to star in a television commercial. It also made an appearance at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, where it awaited visitors between the train station and the entrance to the show.