Fisker is hoping to team with a larger automaker.

Fisker Automotive, maker of the plug-in Karma sedan, is currently talking to three outside automakers about a potential partnership. Fisker previously indicated it could team up with a larger automaker to shore up its future outlook, with the talks now said to be at the highest levels.

Fisker CEO Tony Posawatz revealed to Automotive News that the company is "talking specifics" with three potential partners. Posawatz added that the talks are being held at the "highest levels" with top-ranking executives involved.

"We are absolutely committed to making this company win longer term, and the history of smaller companies living on their own in the automotive business is not stellar," Posawatz said. "We are not going to go it alone."

Posawatz says a deal could be inked within a year, but failed to give any other details. It remains unknown what companies are interested in Fisker or what form a partnership might take.

Fisker could be sold outright to another party, but the most likely scenario for the California-based automaker would involving licensing of its plug-in hybrid powertrain technology. Posawatz says Fisker is shopping its "parts bin" of hybrid tech to other automakers as a way to easily comply with upcoming fuel economy regulations.

The Fisker Karma already meets the EPA's 2025 fuel economy rules.

However, if cash-strapped Fisker doesn't find a partner in the near future, the company could turn to bankruptcy protection, although that would be a last-ditch effort to stay afloat.