Florida Highway Patrol caught racing Lamborghini?

Media outlets have jumped on the video as proof of misconduct, but the edited video leaves plenty of room for interpretation.

A video showing an encounter between the Florida Highway Patrol and a Lamborghini has sparked outrage against the police for allegedly participating in street racing.

An FHP-livery Dodge Charger Pursuit and a Lamborghini Aventador both appear to slow down side-by-side on a highway. The officer then accelerates and the Lamborghini driver follows suit. The video cuts to a separate scene showing the Italian supercar far ahead, suggesting the vehicles may have engaged in a street race.

Most headlines seem to declare the video to be clear proof of police misconduct. The ambiguous video editing leaves open a few other possibilities, however, that don't involve a street race or speeding.

The Florida Highway Patrol is taking a neutral stance until it can complete an internal investigation.

"The trooper in question will be held accountable upon any finding of misconduct," Lt. Thomas Pikul told NBC-2.