Ford's all-new 5.0-liter Coyote V8 will be available from dealers as a crate motor beginning later this month.

If you're feeling a little blue because you bought a 2010 Mustang with the now-dropped 4.6-liter V8, you're in luck. The 5.0-liter "Coyote" V8 that recently debuted in the 2011 Ford Mustang GT will go on sale later this month as a crate motor.

For $6,999, Ford Racing will be happy to sell a crate 5.0 as part number M-6007-M50. Rated at the same 412 ponies and 390 lb-ft. of torque as the 5.0 in the 2011 Mustang GT, the V8 weighs a reasonable 444 lbs.

Interested buyers can place an order at any Ford dealership in the U.S. for deliveries beginning August 15.