Ford is now offering Amazon's Alexa on the go.

Amazon's Alexa has already taken over the home, and now the virtual personal assistant is taking aim at the car with a new app designed for Ford's Sync3 AppLink infotainment system.

Set to launch this summer, the new Amazon app will essentially give Ford owners access to Alexa on the go. Just like the home-based version, Ford owners will be able to ask Alexa the final score of last night's game or find the nearest coffee shop. Also similar to the home version of Alexa, drivers will be able to control smart devices in their home via the mobile app, such as WiFi enabled lights.

Additionally, the Ford app will support home-to-car capabilities. Using an Amazon Echo device in the house, Ford owners will be able to do things like remotely lock or start their vehicles. Those with electric vehicles like the Focus Electric or Fusion Energi can also check on their vehicle's remaining range.

"Ford and Amazon are aligned around a vision that your voice should be the primary way to interface with your favorite devices and services," said Don Butler, executive director, Ford Connected Vehicle and Services. "Customers will be able to start their vehicles from home, and manage smart home features while on the road - making life easier."

Hyundai announced a similar integration at the Consumer Electronic Show with Google Home, indicating the smart home-to-car connection is only getting stronger.