Ford has announced two separate recalls involving more than 450,000 vehicles.

Ford has announced two separate recalls involving a total of 450,426 vehicles. The first recall covers Ford Freestar and Mercury Monterey minivans from the 2003-04 model year while the second recall includes Escape crossover from the 2001-02 model years.

Ford is recalling a total of 205,896 Freestar and Monterey minivans for a possible defect in the vehicles' torque converter. Ford says the unit installed in the minivans may have been manufactured with a defect, which could lead to an output shaft failure. If this event occurs, the driver could suddenly lose power, increasing the likelihood of a crash.

The second recall involves 244,530 Escape models built between October 22, 1999 and July 19, 2002. Those vehicles may have left the factory with a faulty brake master cylinder reservoir cap that could leak brake fluid. The NHTSA warns that leaked fluid could come in contact with the vehicle's ABS wiring harness, potentially leading to a vehicle fire.

Ford recall of the Freestar and Monterey is scheduled to begin during the second quarter of 2012 while the Escape recall will begin during the week of January 23.