The Fusion-based pursuit vehicle features a specially tuned regenerative braking system with 17-inch rotors and twin-piston calipers.

Ford has revealed the Police Responder Hybrid Sedan, claimed to be the first pursuit-rated hybrid vehicle available for law enforcement.

Promoted as an ideal vehicle to help police departments save thousands of dollars in fuel costs and spend less time at the pump, the Fusion-based Responder is decked out in full police gear including a front deflector and steel rims with chrome center caps.

Engineers have revised the Fusion Hybrid's regenerative braking system to better serve law enforcement, while 17-inch rotors and twin-piston calipers take over when the car needs to shave off speed in a hurry.

Ford has put the Responder through double durability testing including 30-mph railroad crossings, eight-inch curb impacts and water fording in 18- and 10-inch depths (at 15 mph and 40- mph, respectively). As an added bonus, the car has been validated for reverse J-turns.

The 'Responder' does not appear to be as performance focused as Ford's 'Interceptor' offerings, which are based on the Taurus and Explorer. Like the civilian Fusion Hybrid, the police edition is expected to offer a modest 188 horsepower.

The hybrid police car is one of 13 new electrified vehicles on the Blue Oval roadmap for the next five years.