Confirming what many already accepted as fact, Ford has announced that details on the all-new Explorer-based Police Interceptor are coming soon.

Leftlane reported three months ago that Ford was hard at work developing a law enforcement-grade Explorer to join its platform-mate Taurus-based Police Interceptor, and now Ford has confirmed the reveal for next week.

Although Ford won't let us share the complete details until the embargo lifts on September 1, we can tell you that this vehicle will share much with the Taurus-based Police Interceptor, something that will help save money for both Ford and agencies during repairs.

Ford has a 27 member advisory board, made up exclusively of members of the law enforcement community. The automaker says it used this advisory board to determine which modifications needed to be made to its Taurus and Explorer to develop a pair of purpose-built Police Interceptors.

Some speculate that an EcoBoost 3.5-liter V6 may appear, as well as all-wheel drive, but we will have to wait until next week before we can confirm or deny any of those suggestions.