Ford considering Raptor treatment for Everest SUV

Ford considering Raptor treatment for Everest SUV

by Drew Johnson

The Everest Raptor could land on these shores as a Bronco.

After expanding its Raptor off-road treatment to include the mid-size Ranger pickup truck, Ford is now considering Raptor-izing its Everest sport utility vehicle.

The Everest is essentially an enclosed wagon version of the Ranger, so the idea of an Everest Raptor actually makes some sense. There are some challenges to making an off-road SUV versus a pickup truck, but Ford Performance head engineer Jamal Hameedi told Drive that an Everest Raptor is a distinct possibility. "There's no reason [we wouldn't do an Everest Raptor],” he said.

Ford Australia product communications manager Damion Smy points to the recent success of SUVs in the market as an argument for more performance utility vehicles. Ford recently unveiled the Edge ST, and an Everest Raptor could be an interesting compliment to that vehicles.

"Long term it would make sense if you look at the fact that passenger vehicles were overtaken by SUVs this [2017] year. There's definitely a case for more performance oriented or at least more sports styled SUVs in the future," said Smy.

Although the Everest isn't currently sold in the United States, that could change very soon. It's believed that Ford will base its previously confirmed Bronco model on the chassis of the Everest. If that's the case, a Bronco Raptor would assuredly be in the cards.

We'll have to wait a few years to find out, however. The Bronco isn't coming back to these shores until 2020, and it could be a year or two after that until we get the hardcore Raptor variant.