Following the leak of a single camera-phone photo of the 2010 Ford Taurus, Ford has told employees children will not be allowed at its Design Center on the nationally recognized "Take You Child To Work Day" on April 24th. The directive comes from design boss Peter Horbury.

According to our sources, and based on the recent internal spy photos of the upcoming Ford Taurus, parents who work at the Design Center will not be allowed to bring their children to work, and it's unlikely alternate accommodations have been made for these parents and children.

We're trying to get a copy of the memo, but in the meantime - we think Ford needs to find a new place for these families to "share" what mom and/or dad do on April 24th.

It's unclear if Ford has determined how the Taurus photo leaked or how it relates to Take You Child To Work Day.

You can see the leaked photo, plus an illustration we created based on it on our 2010 Ford Taurus page.

Brenda Priddy and Company contributed to this story.