Lawyers claim 'limp mode' is unsafe on the track and the cars don't live up to advertising promises.

Ford has been sued over alleged Shelby GT350 overheating problems, which sometimes cause the car to go into 'limp mode.'

Plaintiffs claim the 2016 model year lacks external coolers for the transmission and rear differential, making it prone to overheating when used on the track in hot conditions.

"According to the lawsuit, after spending a big premium to own a piece of racing history, drivers soon learned that once on the track, their track-ready vehicles can lose speed and power mid-drive, without warning and in as little as 15 minutes," law firms Hagens Berman and Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen said in a statement.

Lawyers argue that the behavior represents a defect that is dangerous on the track, putting drivers and passengers at higher risk of a crash. The lawsuit also claims the vehicles don't live up to Ford's "track ready" promise.

Ford is said to have addressed the problem by adding external coolers for the 2017-model-year GT350, but owners of the 2016 base model or Technology Package must retrofit the coolers at their own expense. Such modifications are estimated to cost up to $7,000, including parts and labor.

Hagens Berman is best known in the auto industry for its $1.6 billion settlement against Toyota for the unintended acceleration defect. It is also involved in litigation related to General Motors' ignition-switch defect, and against Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz for alleged use of emissions-cheating software.