A new Ford Fiesta ST is about a year out.

Ford will unveil a high-performance ST variant of its latest Fiesta small car later next year. Ford recently unveiled the standard version (pictured) of the new Fiesta at an event in Germany.In an interview with Dutch Web site AutoRAI, Tyrone Johnson, the head of Ford's ST and RS divisions, confirmed that a new Fiesta ST will be unveiled by the end of 2017. The new Fiesta ST will go into production by January 2018, trailing the regular versions of the small car by about a year.

Johnson says the new Fiesta ST will be available with both three- and five-doors, although the latter will likely be the only version offered in the United States.

Since the "new" Fiesta is essentially an update of the current car, we can expect the same drivetrains offered today. In the case of the U.S.-spec Fiesta ST that should mean a 1.6L turbocharged engine developing 197 horsepower. However, the next Fiesta ST could gain some of the selectable drive functions from the Focus RS.

Pricing is far from final, but the new Fiesta ST should stay close to the current car's $21,265 base MSRP.