This has not been a good week for the Ford Fusion.

Ford's all-new 2013 Fusion sedan has been recalled for the second time this week. Following a recall issued on Monday for an engine fire problem, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is recalling certain Fusion models for faulty headlights.

According to the NHTSA, some Fusion models produced between February 3, 2012, and October 20, 2012, may have been fitted with faulty headlights at the factory. The NHTSA says that the projector coating on the Fusion's low beam headlamps may not have cured properly during the manufacturing process, which could lead to hazing over time. If the bulbs become hazy, it could reduce nighttime visibility and increase the likelihood of a crash.

In all, the recall covers 19,106 Fusion models. Ford is expected t begin the recall campaign on December 10.

Today's recall is just the latest in a string of black eyes for the Fusion sedan. Earlier this week Ford recalled nearly 16,000 Fusion sedans equipped with the automaker's 1.6L EcoBoost engine due to an engine fire risk. On Tuesday Consumer Reports called out the Fusion Hybrid for falling well short of its advertised 47mpg.