The manual suggests the competition model omits a couple of convenience features to save a few pounds.

Ford appears to have prepared a GT Competition Series variant to follow the standard production model.

A standard owners manual obtained by DragTimes makes several references to a Competition Series, which has a different key and a few unique latches compared to the basic GT.

The apparently stripped-down edition lacks a hatch release button on the key fob. An AeroCatch latch secures the rear hatch, replacing the standard system, while a two-piece prop rod must be used to manually hold the hatch open.

Autoblog found a digital copy of the manual (PDF) on Ford's service website, confirming the changes.

The special hardware is likely focused on saving weight. Other track-focused changes are presumably implemented in the Competition Series, but Ford has not yet announced any specific details.

Without stripping out any equipment or switching to lightweight latches, the GT promises to reach 216 mph thanks to its twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 with 647 horsepower. It is unclear if the competition edition will also feature a retuned engine or suspension modifications.