The company has announced more than $900 million USD in Canadian investment in the past six months.

Ford has announced plans to invest $375 million USD for research and development in Canada.

The Blue Oval will hire more than 400 connectivity software and hardware engineers, 300 based in Canada and the remaining 100 in the US. The hiring spree will effectively double the company's mobile connectivity engineering team.

The funds will also pay for a new Ottawa Research and Engineering Centre, where workers will focus on exploring and developing technologies for infotainment, in-vehicle modems, gateway modules, driver-assist features and autonomous vehicles. Additional facilities will be established in Oakville, Ontario, along with Cary, North Carolina and Sunrise, Florida.

Ford expects the connected car market to reach $131 billion by 2019, representing an annual growth rate of 30 percent, according to a Transparency Research study.

"Canada has reinforced its position in Ford's global operations as the company shifts to lead as both an auto and mobility company," said Ford's president of The Americas, Joe Hinrichs.