A Super Bowl commercial will further reinforce Ford's message that it is not just an automaker.

Ford will use the Super Bowl to ramp up its 'mobility' marketing blitz, showcasing the company's efforts to move beyond its core business as an automobile manufacturer.

The Blue Oval has been promoting itself as a mobility company for many years. Many automakers are preparing for an anticipated transition away from traditional car ownership, as ride-hailing and car-sharing services grow in popularity in the US and abroad.

The Go Further ad highlights people 'stuck' in certain life situations. Ford's range of current and upcoming products then save the day, including self-driving vehicles and ride-sharing.

The Super Bowl commercial coincides with a new "Go Further" interactive brand experience, called FordHub, that will initially launch in New York City. Ford will use the space to showcase its mobility push.

"Ford was founded on the promise of providing affordable transportation solutions to millions of customers, and this commitment still drives us today," said Ford marketing head Stephen Odell. "As we expand our business to be both an auto and mobility company, we're using new experiences like FordHub and our first Super Bowl ad that talks about the future to explain what we mean when we say 'We Go Further so you can.'" (emphasis in original)

The Super Bowl ad will air just before kickoff, while FordHub opens to the public today at the Westfield World Trade Center.