Ford will reportedly launch a historically accurate 2.3L turbocharged Mustang -- possibly under the SVO nameplate -- in 2015.

Ford has been gradually rolling out its EcoBoost technology across its vehicle lineup - now including the F-150 pickup truck and the revised 2013 Taurus sedan -- and it appears as though the Mustang could be next in line for a turbocharged powerplant.

We've heard rumors of a re-born SVO Mustang before, but the latest report from Motor Authority gives us some concrete details. According to the report, the Mustang will soon be offered with an SVO-appropriate turbocharged four-cylinder.

Although Ford's 2.0L EcoBoost four-cylinder would appear to be the most likely candidate for the Mustang's engine bay, that won't be the case. Instead, Ford will increase the engine's displacement to 2.3L before strapping it between the fenders of the Mustang. For those keeping track, the original SVO's motor displaced 2.3L.

No word on output, but the larger engine should provide more power than the 2.0L's 247 horsepower. Given the V6-powered Mustang can already top 30mpg, we wouldn't be surprised to see the EcoBoost version inch close to 40mpg.

In addition to the new 2.3L, Ford is also said to be readying a 2.7L EcoBoost V6. The larger mill is being designed for front and rear-wheel drive applications, meaning it could eventually wind up under the hood of the "?Stang.

Children of the 1980s should temper their enthusiasm, though, as the new-age Mustang SVO isn't expected until at least 2015.

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