Ford Racing has announced a series of performance mods intended to make racing affordable for the masses.

It's no secret that automotive enthusiasts everywhere in America would do almost anything to be able to race a car on anything other than a video game screen, but the sport is so cost prohibitive only the wealthiest usually get that opportunity.

Ford Racing is hoping to change that with the announcement of Fiesta B-Spec parts in collaboration with GRAND-AM, SCCA and World Challenge racing bodies. These new parts available directly through Ford Racing are sanctioned for use in both amateur and pro racing events, allowing racers to enter the sport at a fraction of the cost of more custom and elaborate cars.

The list of parts includes:

1.) B-Spec Coil Over Suspension Kit (front and rear) M-FR3-FAEB MSRP $1,486.00
2.) Fiesta AC Delete kit M-19216-FSB MSRP $ 99.00
3.) FRPP Tow Hook M-17954-A MSRP $ 55.00
4.) FRPP/K&N Air Filter M-9601-FSB MSRP $ 59.00
5.) Fiesta B-spec ABS Module M-2C405-FAB MSRP $ 310.00
6.) FRPP Stainless Brake Hoses M-2078-FA MSRP $ 145.00
7.) Fiesta Short Throw Shifter M-7210-FA MSRP $ 199.00

That means that a car can be put together and ready to race for about $25,000, including the car and parts before adding extra safety equipment such as roll cages and racing seats. Aside from that, expect to need a few sets of wheels and tires, along with other miscellaneous parts and you should be ready to hit the track at a fraction of the cost of most other options out there - something Ford Racing and the affiliated racing bodies is hoping will help expand the sport to a wider audience.