Ford Ranger Raptor could get gas engine in America

by Ronan Glon
Ranger Raptor - image 1

Ford recently expanded its line-up of Raptor-badged trucks by introducing an off-road-focused version of the Ranger. There's a catch: as of writing, it only comes with a turbodiesel engine. One of the company's top executives suggested the truck will likely receive a gasoline engine before it goes on sale in America.

"Raptors are a slam dunk for the U.S. I think [the Ranger Raptor] would do really well in the States," Jamal Hameedi, Ford Performance's chief engineer, told Australian website Drive. "I think most American off-roaders would actually prefer a petrol engine," he added.

He didn't specify which engine the Ranger Raptor (pictured) would receive. Odds are the engine will be the only major modification Ford makes as it prepares the American-spec version of the Ranger Raptor. The rest of the truck -- including the muscular design and the trick suspension hardware -- will carry over unchanged.

When, you ask? Ford hasn't released specific information, but we expect the Ranger Raptor won't arrive in America until after the regular model unveiled in Detroit last month goes on sale.

"We haven't said anything about availability in the U.S. Our first priority is to get a Raptor available to everyone on the planet earth. So Americans already have an F-150 Raptor, we've got to spread Raptors to the rest of the planet," Hameedi added.