The Shelby GT500 is here to stay.

More stringent fuel economy regulations are forcing automakers to rethink their future vehicle lineups, but the Shelby GT500 will reportedly remain a staple of Ford's Mustang lineup well into the future.

According to to Shelby American president John Luft, the namesake company of Carroll Shelby will continue to work with Ford on its GT500 model "through 2015 and beyond." The 2015 model year is a pivotal milestone for the partnership as Ford will launch an all-new version of its Mustang - which the GT500 uses as a base - sometime in 2014.

"When something works you just don't change it," Luft told MustangsDaily.com. "Clearly, having a Shelby in their stable as their halo car has really worked for them. Ford Motor Company loves it, their dealers love it, and we love it."

However, look for the 2015 Shelby GT500 to take a different approach to life than the 2013 GT500. The current GT500 uses a supercharged 5.8L V8 developing 650 horsepower to achieve a blistering top speed of 202mph, but the next Shelby Mustang will likely be forced to make due with a smaller - read more fuel efficient - drivetrain.