It has been widely assumed that the Ford Taurus X crossover and Mercury Sable sedan would eventually get the ax, and it looks like that reality will soon come to fruition. According to a new report, both models will cease production next year.

The Detroit News managed to unearth some Ford documents which revealed that the Taurus X and Mercury Sable will be discontinued in 2009. Despite the discontinuation of both models, their platform mate - the Ford Taurus - will continue production at Ford's Chicago plant.

Both models are on the chopping block for slow sales and the restructuring of their respective brands. The Taurus X's sales are off by more than 25 percent this year and it is now redundant in a Ford lineup that includes the Flex CUV. The Sable's sales are off eight percent this year and now looks large in a Mercury lineup that will focus on small vehicles.

An official statement from Ford will probably surface within the next few months.