Slacking demand will force Ford to close its German Fiesta plant for several days.

Ford says it will halt production of its Fiesta small car at its Cologne, Germany plant for several days as demand continues to weaken in the southern part of Europe.

Although Ford isn't dishing out specifics, the Dearborn-based automaker says it will halt Fiesta production at the Cologne plant for several days between now and October. That is in addition to the eight days of work stoppage Ford confirmed for the plant through mid-July.

Ford will also shorten work hours at the plant in an effort to bring production in-line with demand. Ford confirmed to Reuters that about 4,000 workers will be affected by the work adjustments.

According to Germany's Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger, Ford is planning to reduce Fiesta production at the Cologne plant by 6 percent to 345,000 units this year. However, Ford has yet to confirm those figures.