Consumer Reports has released its findings for 2011, and we have the ranking of the American automakers' best cars.

Each year Consumer Reports amasses its choices for the best cars on the market, including a list made up exclusively of vehicles made by American automakers known as the American Top Picks list.

In 2009, only eight vehicles qualified for top pick awards and Ford and Lincoln took home the most with five picks. In 2010 Ford amassed six of the top 10 Top Pick awards, and now in 2011 of the eight awards given Ford brought home five awards for the most mentions.

It is worth pointing out that Consumer Reports actually has two top 10 lists for American automakers, the Top Pick list and a Top Scoring list, which don't always match up. The biggest reason a vehicle might make the Top Scoring list, but not be a Top Pick is the fact that newer vehicles which lack enough reliability data don't qualify for the top pick designation, as was the case with the Ford Fiesta SES, Chevrolet Cruze LT and Buick Regal for 2011.

As a result, 2011 will see no Top Pick for the budget car, small car or sports sedan categories for the American manufacturers. But if you are looking to haul your loved ones in a family sedan, small sedan or family hauler - Ford has you covered with the Fusion, Escape and Flex Limited with EcoBoost, all of which took home Top Pick awards.

If you would prefer to pack your family and friends into a family SUV or pickup truck, Consumer Reports suggests the Chevrolet Equinox 2LT and Avalanche.

If you're sick of hearing about family cars, and simply want something fun to drive - don't fret - Consumer Reports says the Ford Mustang GT is the Top Pick for you.

Consumer Reports points out that American automakers have made considerable advances in recent years, and even when removing the "American" limitation, two American nameplates still made the overall Top Picks list: Chevrolet Avalanche and Ford Mustang GT.


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