Lamborghini wants to take a modular approach to building cars.

Lamborghini is about to expand its lineup with an SUV likely named Urus. The company will double in size when its third model hits the market, and it's open to the idea of launching a fourth car.

Speaking to Australian website Motoring, company boss Stefano Domenicali revealed he thinks Lamborghini needs to take a modular approach to building cars instead of developing a unique platform for every model. A modular chassis would make launching new models more straight-forward and more affordable.

"I think the answer is possibly yes," said Domenicali when asked about the possibility of launching a fourth model. "But so far we need to make sure the third model [Urus] will be stable enough to think about a fourth model," he added.

Motoring reports the fourth Lamborghini would slot below the Huracan (pictured) as a new entry-level model. Expanding downwards would allow the brand to reach more customers without diluting its image.

Lamborghini has plenty of time to figure out whether growing its family of bulls is the right decision. The entire company is focusing on successfully launching the Urus, so the modular platform is little more than an idea that gets discussed during board meetings. If the project moves forward, the first car built on the architecture won't debut until about 2022.