Lynk & Co wants to follow in Tesla's footsteps with company-owned showrooms

China's Geely has confirmed plans to launch its Lynk & Co brand in San Francisco and Berlin.Lynk's lineup will be built from the ground up with ride-sharing in mind, integrating a dedicated share button that allows owners to send a digital key to other drivers via a smartphone app.

"Because Lynk & Co will be the first brand to offer its owners the possibility to share their cars when they are not used, we are starting from cities with a high penetration of shared- economy services," Lynk senior marketing and sales VP Alain Visser told Automotive News.

The company's vehicles will be underpinned by the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform co-developed with Volvo. Models revealed so far include the '01' crossover and '03' sedan, while an '02' hatchback is also said to be under development.

Notably, despite the relationship with Volvo, Lynk wants to follow in Tesla's footsteps and open its own network of showrooms. Its primary focus, however, will be direct sales to customers via an online system.

The company will first launch in China before heading to Berlin in late 2019 and eventually San Francisco "some months later," Visser said.