Porsche's first wagon has arrived, and it's U.S.-bound.

Porsche is expanding the Panamera lineup with a station wagon named Sport Turismo. The Sport Turismo won't come as a surprise to those who have been keeping up with Porsche news over the past couple of years. The company's first-ever wagon was accurately previewed at the 2012 Paris Auto Show with a close-to-production concept also named Sport Turismo.

The model hasn't changed much in its transition from a concept to a production car. Up front, it receives the new look inaugurated last year by the second generation of the Panamera sedan. Beyond the B-pillars, the Sport Turismo gets a long roofline that stretches into a rakish hatch, a styling cue that gives it a sharp, muscular appearance.

The Sport Turismo is equipped with the world's first roof-mounted adjustable spoiler. It generates up to 110 pounds of downforce at high speeds; it also reduces wind noise when the panoramic sunroof is wide open.

For Porsche, having the rear occupants sit on a run-of-the-mill bench seat was too mundane. Instead, the seat row consists of two individual seats and a third one in the middle. The company refers to this configuration as a 4+1 setup.

Buyers not planning on hauling four passengers around can order the wagon with the sedan's 2+2 seating arrangement, and power-adjustable rear seats. Trunk space checks in at 18.4 cubic feet with four (or five) adults on board, and 49 cubes with the rear seats folded flat.

The Sport Turismo borrows its engines from the regular Panamera. Buyers can choose from a 2.9-liter V6, a 4.0-liter V8, and two gasoline-electric hybrid drivetrains -- including an immensely powerful one built around the eight-cylinder.

The 2018 Panamera Sport Turismo will arrive in showrooms across Europe on October 7. Motorists in other markets -- including the United States -- will need to wait until early November.

Live photos by Ronan Glon.