The Q8 Sport features an electrically powered compressor -- first used in the SQ7 TDI -- to complement an exhaust-driven turbocharger.

Audi has revealed the Q8 Sport concept at the Geneva International Motor Show.

The Sport package boasts a slightly more aggressive styling compared to the basic Q8 concept revealed in Detroit, though the differences are difficult to spot beyond the unique grille.

The Q8 concepts focus on a unique powertrain with an electrically powered compressor, borrowing technology that only recently entered production in the SQ7 TDI. In both cases, an electric motor compresses the intake charge at low rpm until an exhaust-driven turbocharger spools up at higher revs.

The SQ7 TDI arrived on the market amid a troubled time for Audi's diesel offerings, but the company has not turned its back on EPC tech. The Q8 Sport implements an electric compressor with a six-cylinder TFSI gasoline engine and a mild hybrid system, delivering 476 PS (470 horsepower) and 516 pound-feet of torque. Output is slightly higher than specs listed for the standard Q8 concept, while both are claimed to achieve fuel efficiency comparable to a four-cylinder model.

The electrified powertrain launches the Q8 Sport to 62 mph in just 4.7 seconds, eventually topping out at 170 mph.

"The combination of mild hybrid technology and a TFSI engine sets a new benchmark for the synthesis of electromobility and combustion engines," says Audi chief Rupert Stadler. "In the future, this combination will be used in many Audi models."

The electric compressor and mild-hybrid technology go hand-in-hand, as both utilize a 48-volt electrical system. A relatively small 0.9-kWh battery powers a single electric motor placed between the crankshaft and the transmission, where it can serve in reverse as a generator, while the EPC can ramp up to 70,000 rpm in less than a quarter second.

The production Q8 is scheduled to debut sometime next year.

Live images by Ronan Glon.