Italian officials are striking back over Germany's insistence that FCA vehicles are non-compliant and must be recalled.

The EPA's allegations of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles emissions violations appear to have rekindled a simmering dispute between officials in Germany and Italy.

German officials last year accused FCA of selling cars with illegal emissions systems. An earlier report claimed a Fiat model began to emit excessive pollutants after running for 22 minutes, suspiciously close to the typical 20-minute lab test cycle.

A petition was sent to the European Commission and Italy's Transport Ministry, demanding a recall for any vehicles that break emissions regulations, but Italian officials have disputed the allegations.

The Transport Ministry now says it has "carried out the necessary checks and sent a detailed report to the German authorities which shows that the Fiat 500X, in contrast to what is claimed by Germany, is in compliance with regulations," according to quotes published by Reuters.

The European Commission recently asked Italy to submit evidence contradicting Germany's claims. The Commission is said to have tested the 500X, though the lab results have not been made public.

Aside from the 500X, the allegations also list the Fiat Doblo van and Jeep Renegade. In the US, the EPA's actions focus on the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ram 1500.